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New chance for good start

Don't burn out at the very beginning

If you have realistic expectations, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

Another year is upon us, which people usually enter with a certain resolution. And some with several resolutions at once: losing weight, quitting smoking, learning a foreign language (who said German?)... Why not? But don't put too much on your weak shoulders from the start. Even when meeting personal goals, it is good to follow certain rules. Try to follow them this year.

Don't ask for impossible from yourself

The early bird gets the worm. Approaching yourself in the spirit of this proverb is somewhat short-sighted. It's okay to have a goal to strive for, but that goal should be attainable, whether it's a job, a career change, or, for example, running. If someone is thinking of running a half-marathon this year, even though he has run it before, he knows that the preparation does not start by immediately running 20 km. He will be unnecessarily exposed to frustration and the risk of being annoyed by running. Achieving a more realistic goal - for example, to start running three times a week for 20 minutes in the park behind the house - would bring much more satisfaction and hope that we will still succeed in the goal of running a half marathon.

Follow the small steps

When setting a goal, keep in mind that you will need to dedicate your time to it on a regular basis. Because only what really counts is what becomes part of our everyday life.

Specialists in nutrition and health prevention recommend that a person continue to meet their personal goals in the same way as when completing tasks at work. For example, the person must write in his calendar what he wants to achieve that day. Even if it means one apple and one squat. Gradually small changes will eventually lead to a substantial big change in the habits in question.

Do it for yourself

You may think that because of your colleague you will exercise or eat healthy. However, such motivation can be treacherous. Psychologists explain that any change in habit brings some discomfort. People fail at activities that could benefit them because they don't want to sacrifice even twenty minutes of their life a day. To persevere, they need strong motivation. If the recognition has to come from someone close to us, this motivation can easily fail. It is enough if the person in question annoys us with something, and a great amount of will is needed to continue with the habit, and that is very difficult. Think carefully about what motivates you.

At work as elsewhere

It pays to follow the same principles, even if you intend to advance your career. Take a training course because you want to learn something new that you will actually use. And not because a colleague has more certificates than you on his CV, and is proud of it everywhere. Do you need English for your work? Include more frequent short lessons in the schedule, it is easier to find time for them than for a two-hour "class" once a week.

Have you lost your job and are looking for a new one? Don't use meaningless expressions like "I have to take a new place in March". The obstinacy with which you will pursue this goal will rather take you away from it. Instead, set yourself a task every day that is related to finding a new job - go through a certain number of ads, look at professional social networks, improve your CV., where people are happy to help you in your job search, will support you in your efforts in the new year.

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