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Resume check

• Information gathering
• CV revision

EUR 15.00

Our process

Information gathering

You will send us your existing CV, and it will also be helpful if you specify the position you are applying for and share your LinkedIn profile with us.

Reevaluation of your CV

After gathering the necessary information, we will send you a detailed analysis of your CV, which includes a review of the structure, design, and content along with a list of recommended changes.

You will receive the recommendations in written form within 2 days. If you require additional career consultations after the CV review, you can explore the other services we offer.

Cancellation policy

If the Client cancels after the commencement of sessions (post-first session) or after receiving any services/materials from Valoris, they may request a refund for the remaining sessions or services, up to 80% of the total fee paid. Refunds or cancellations are not permitted once all services have been fully performed (i.e., after all sessions are completed and/or all services are delivered). Thank you.

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