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Verification of the factual situation related to the insurance seniority of the pension beneficiary, whether the seniority has been fully determined and whether it has been correctly determined. 

Verification of the application of the material law applied in the adopted decisions on the recognition of rights. Oversight of decisions regarding the correct determination of the amount of the pension in relation to the achieved insurance experience and in general in relation to the pension experience.


A special check of the correct application of material law   in the decisions made on the recognition of the right to help and care of another person.


Checking the amount of family pensions when the deceased beneficiary acquired the right before April 9, 2003. years.


Creation of conditions for the return of money to a foreigner, as damaged by the payment of a lower amount of pension through the years of use.


Counseling of persons who lack up to 5 years of age or insurance experience before realizing the right to old-age or premature old-age pension.


What is the best and cheapest way to bridge the period of unemployment until retirement.

Professional assistance in determining the nature of the insured person, whether or not someone was insured, that is, employed or performed some other form of work.


Consulting regarding the legality of the procedures carried out. 


Consideration of the validity of indebtedness of insured farmers and, in general, everything related to insured farmers and their debts to the PIO Fund.


Initiation of procedures for the realization of rights within the deadline provided by law, with special reference to applicants for the recognition of rights under international agreements. 


The use of all legal instruments in order to shorten the procedure for recognizing the right to a pension to a reasonable period. 


Acting in cases of unregistered insurance seniority in the PIO Fund and, also, taking all the measures provided by the PIO Law to determine the seniority in full accordance with the paid contributions for pension and disability insurance.


Submitting a request to repeat the procedure and amenda number of legally binding decisions to the detriment of beneficiaries, in which beneficiaries are put in a disadvantageous position, i.e. when they are asked to return a certain amount of money or are further denied some right (pension is reduced or insurance experience is not recognized for a certain period).

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