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Tips for improving CV quickly

Updated: Jul 9

Take a few minutes to update your CV and update the most important sections. Then you'll be ready to apply for an interesting position that appealed to you. We have specific tips on what to dust off to make your CV interesting.

Good photo

It's not too much wisdom, but thanks to the photo, the CV looks nicer and the HR staff remembers it better. However, the portrait should be the most recent one. When you arrive at the interview, it should be clear that the person in the photo is really you.

Different hair color, distinctive glasses or weight loss - any image update is among the good reasons for a new photo shoot.

How to do it: The CV includes a portrait in which your face is easy to see (your eyes are looking directly into the lens). Do not include a selfie or a clip from a group photo in your CV.

CV deserves regular maintenance. Even if you are not currently looking for a job.

What can you do, what are you doing

Work experience - HR professionals pay the most attention to this segment. They are interested in what you are currently doing and what knowledge you can bring to the company. They'll also be happy to see that your resume shows that your career is headed in a certain direction.

Describe in detail the experience you have gained in the last 2 to 6 years. In bullet points, describe what you were responsible for and what results you achieved. It can be increasing traffic, improving processes and similar duties. Briefly mention previous experiences and highlight only the most important ones.

Update the fields Education, Foreign languages ​​and Computer knowledge (if you can write something new in them). Name the last training that recently led you to professional success. Show your knowledge of different technologies and programs.

The right keywords

Instead of harsh phrases about how flexible and ambitious you are, write the right keywords in your CV. It is better to describe who you are and what you do. It can nicely complete the overall impression.

Keywords refer to the specific knowledge, abilities and skills that the HR specialist looks for in candidate CVs. Therefore, each profession has its own keywords. For example, an assistant might list words in a resume such as: meet planning, team administrative support, communicative English, active driver, independence.

How to do it: Try to pick out key words in your CV and read them out loud. What kind of story do they tell about you taken out of context like this?

Verbs that describe your duties

In your resume, use verbs that illustrate specific knowledge and results. You will spice up your CV in a concrete and high-quality way. For example:

  • I have achieved…

  • I have improved...

  • I have launched...

  • I created…

  • I decided...

  • I led...

  • I managed...

  • I resolved...

Three final points

Make sure to input a current phone number and e-mail address.

Make sure your CV is free of grammatical errors.

Send your CV in PDF format - it looks more professional and you'll avoid formatting issues.

If you are unsure how to properly check the quality of your CV, through you can quickly and with a high level of reliability check the quality of your CV and receive recommendations for its improvement.


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