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Professional CV

• Consultation call
• Creating a working version of the CV
• Two CV revisions
• CV in PDF format

EUR 50.00 - EUR 150.00

Our process

Client introduction and information gathering

To learn more about Valoris and decide whether our support is what you need, schedule an introductory call. Once you're ready to begin and after verifying your payment, you will receive an email containing the next steps.

Your potential is very important, so it's essential for us to understand your career journey so far and how you envision it in the future. You will receive a brief questionnaire summarizing your experience, education, and qualifications. Your responses will also help us understand your career goals and desired positions. After completing the questionnaire, you can also send us your existing CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Consultation call

After analyzing the responses from the questionnaire and other documents, we will match you with the best consultant for your needs. Then, we'll schedule phone consultations with you for up to 45 minutes. Your consultant will ask you questions to help you identify the values you bring to the organization you are joining.

Writing and revision

After 7 work days from the consultation call, you will receive a draft version of your CV emphasizing your achievements, which will set you apart in a group of similar candidates. Then we will work together to finalize a CV that you will be proud of, including two revisions if needed. You will receive the final version of your CV in PDF format. If you urgently need your CV, we also offer express CV services within one or two days.

Depending on the position you are applying for within the company, we offer three different types of CV packages:

• Entry-level and junior positions - €50.00
• Mid-level positions - €100.00
• Senior-level and executive positions - €150.00

Cancellation policy

It is possible to cancel or reschedule the booked services only up to 24hrs before the booked time/date. Any missed or cancelled sessions with less than 24 hours' advance notice will not be refunded.

If the Client cancels after beginning sessions (after the 1st session) or after receiving any services/materials from Valoris, they may only request a refund for the amount pertaining to remaining sessions or services (up to 80% of the total paid fee). The Client will not have the right to cancel or request a refund after the services have been fully performed (after all sessions have been completed and/or all services delivered). Thank you.

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